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Covid-19 Expedition changes

Last update: 06/09/2020

We, like most organisations, are constantly reviewing how we operate in relation to the risks posed by Covid-19. We want to support our expedition participants and do that in a way which is a Covid-19 secure as possible.

Key to our approach to running expeditions under Covid-19 is continually reviewing and updating our risk assessment. You can read more about how we approach our Covid-19 risk assessment on our blog. The risk assessment is updated for any changes Government guidelines or perceived best practice.

Whilst we are operating under a Covid-19 risk assessment we may need to either limit the number of participants on expeditions or ensure that all participants are part of an existing “bubble”. Participant requirements will be discussed at an early stage of expedition planning.

The constant review and updating of our Covid-19 procedures means giving any exhaustive list of expedition changes is difficult. The follow are some areas that are relevant though:

  • Participants will sleep in separate tents. This may involve some participants tents being carried to the campsite for them, although we would want each group to be carrying a shelter for emergencies which would result in a tent(s) being divided up between participants to carry.
  • Where required participants will wear face masks and gloves. They will carry high alcohol hand-sanitiser and be reminded to use this frequently. Additional supplies of hand-sanitiser and wipes will be available at check points and the campsite.
  • Each participant will be allocated their own stove and fuel for cooking. Where appropriate stoves will be sanitised between use
  • Each participant will have their own map and compass.