Wildside Outdoors

Specialist provider of DofE expeditions to schools and other organisations running DofE Awards

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What we offer

We are an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for DofE based in Hertfordshire. We can take the stress out of organising and running Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions. We predominantly cover schools and other DofE centres in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire and the South East of England.
We can either run the entire training and expedition for you or just provide Instructors and Assessors as required.

Expeditions for the Bronze DofE award

We run Bronze DofE expeditions in areas close to your school or centre to help facilitate easy management of travel arrangements.

Expeditions for the Silver DofE award

We run Silver DofE expeditions in the Chilterns, New Forest and the Peak District. These areas are easily reached from our core area around Herts, Beds and Bucks.

Expeditions for the Gold DofE award

Gold DofE expeditions are run in Snowdownia and Lake District. Although travel is longer, these areas are ideally suited for Gold DofE expeditions.

Rob is our Business Director. During his professional life he has advised hundreds of firms from large multinationals to entrepreneurial ventures.  He brings many years of experience in running projects, managing risk and delivering effective solutions.

Nic developed her love of the outdoors from an early age and went on to do her DofE Gold expedition in Norway and then to lead several expeditions in Britain and abroad. She leads ‘Forest School’ style outdoor activities in various schools.

Our founders​

Wildside Outdoors was founded by Rob Balchin and Nicola Hayes.

Between them they realised they shared not only a love of the outdoors, but a passion for introducing young people to the benefits of outdoor adventure activities. They decided to pool their skill sets, bringing together an excellence in running processes and organisations, years of experience in coaching and developing young people, and a want to do things better –  Wildside Outdoors was born.

Our Story

Wildside Outdoors is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to inspire growth in young people through adventure.

We are a DofE Approved Activity Provider for Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE expeditions

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Our outdoor activities are provided with a focus on building the resilience and well-being of young people. Our instructors continually seek participant feedback which is critical for enhancing teamwork and building confidence. 

We are here not for profit

As a not-for-profit organisation we offer our activities at a competitive cost as well as investing in our combined social aims of increasing access to great outdoor experiences for all and encouraging mental well-being through those experiences.

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how we can help

support you on your own expedition

You can arrange travel, accomodation etc. and can provide instructors and assessors for your expedition.

Run the expedition with you

Run the expedition in partnership with you and take on as much as you would like us to. We are flexible.

Run the complete training programme and expedition

From the word go we plan the whole training programme and expedition for you.